This cool wall clock is called Light Up Moon Clock from ThinkGreek. Moon is always looks beautiful and inspiring. You might have read the previous moon-inspired led light we post you before. But now, ThinkGreek shows their produck which also inspired by the beauty of the moon. The crater of the moon also shown at this cool lunar clock. The best part of this moon wallclock is the way it will glow for two hours after lights are off. Instead of gazing the moon, it seems you can have your own moon at your room.

Light Up Moon Clock Specifications

  • For the lycanthrope in your life, a moon clock that lights up
  • Face is a composite of 65 actual photographs of the moon
  • Round dome glass front makes it lovely & lunar
  • Clock face glows for two hours after lights are off
  • Battery: 1 AA (not included)
  • Dimensions: 13.5in x 13.5in x 1.5in
  • Weight: 2.21 lbs
  • Disclaimers: The actual moon does not give off its own light. Also, we’re pretty sure werewolves do not exist.

Check out ThinkGreek site, if you interested in this light-up moon clock! Let’s see the pictures of this beautiful wallclock below!

Cool Stylish Wall Clock Design – Light Up Moon Clock from ThinkGreek

Light Up Moon Clock