“Back to nature” is seemed to be the topic of design interior today, and wooden bathroom interior is one of the alternatives to make your house get the natural touch. Moreover, wood is a very beautiful materials and it adds warmth to your bathroom. Wood also gives elegant point for your bathroom interior. So, if you want to decorate you can start to think about using the wood as the material of your bathroom interior.

Wooden bathroom interior, can you apply it into your bathroom?

wooden bathroom interior

By: Pat (Cletch) Williams

Having wooden bathroom is a proud, because wood gives natural impression and also wooden furniture or wooden storage in your bathroom. Or maybe you can use wood as the material for your bathroom floor and the wall. All the choices are good, because by using wood you can decorate your bathroom without worry. And here are some tips for you, to make you have the clearer idea about wooden bathroom interior.

The wall colors

wood bathroom with perfect lighting

By: Andrew Hyde

No matter whether your bathroom is small or large, light or bright colors are always recommended. It is because if you use wooden material, your room will be looked darker. And that is why you need light or bright colors in your bathroom to make the atmosphere there balance, neither too bright nor too dark. You can use the orange color or aqua for small bathroom. It is because orange and aqua can give the impression of spacious room. And colors like pale green, purple or blue are fit well with the larger bathroom. So, are you ready to play with colors?

The window treatment

Bathroom and the bamboo and wooden floo

By: Wicker Paradise

The bright colors of your bathroom tend to create the light and breezy atmosphere, and you can continue this effect by the window treatments. You can use gauzy, sheer panel in soft colors or white eyelet lace curtain. You can cover the window by using light wooden shutters that can be easily closed and opened, if you need more privacy or light-colored fabric roman shades. And do not forget to choose the colors for this treatments that complement with your wall colors.

The accessories for wooden bathroom

wooden bathroom interior propesties

By: Paragon Apartments

As the final touch for your wooden bathroom interior, you can add burst of bright color in your bathroom with the accessories. You can choose accents that will help to reflect light in your wooden bathroom and to enhance the airiness of the room. You can use mirrors, sterling silver, stainless, steel and cut glass as the effective choice for the accessories. You can group the mirrors on the bathroom wall to reflect light, and fill the sterling silver bottles or cut glass with cotton balls, cotton swab or lotion and keep all those items on display on the vanity.

Master Bathroom with wooden interior

By: Patrick Morgan