The Philosophy of Modern Kitchen Design

Remodeling a kitchen into something more modern has become a trend today. It is not only a trend actually, it has been a basic need. In modern era, people need more practical and functional in all aspects, including kitchen.

Modern kitchen makes all activities within the kitchen more enjoyable and practical. Moreover, it will provide extra time savers and numerous conveniences. It’s the ideal way of following the fast movement of civilization. It’s one of the reasons why fast food is very familiar today. People want all aspect in their life is quickly ready. For homemaker, I believe she wants to complete all of her duties quickly, and turn to other jobs, or she can do other enjoyable activities. We know that the kitchen is the office of the homemaker. She spends most of time in cooking, preparing and serving meals, including washing kitchen appliances. Therefore modernizing a kitchen is an ideal choice for all homemaker today’s.

modern kitchen design

The modern kitchen is not identical with the existing of new refrigerator, new sink model, or the bright white painted walls. Recently, modernizing kitchen means transforming the kitchen into something new style based on practical and functional rule. Contemporary kitchen is furnished with new designed kitchen appliances, all kitchen furniture has been crafted to provide maximum use of available space, counter space has been improved, and all of them are easy to reach. Contemporary kitchen is not just a room part of home, it’s not limited by walls again. Contemporary kitchen has been integrated in the home’s living area.

Kitchen appliances have found their completely new style! Everything has encouraged the more efficient life. You will not find embarrassing experiences like unpleasant smoke, grime and dirt again. Kitchen appliances have been completed with new advanced technology enabling devices automatically run itself. The built in oven and counter top has replaced the old oven combination. Life in the kitchen is easier than before!

modern kitchen cabinets

modern kitchen hood

modern kitchen sink and cabinet

The white look has been replaced with more sophisticated color. Not just the wall, attractive colored kitchen appliances are gaining popularity. The refrigerator can be redesigned to match with kitchen layout. Kitchen appliances have been engineered to match the kitchen space and layout. Contemporary kitchen is not limited by space again.

open space kitchen with double islands

open space kitchen design

modern kitchen cabinets furniture design

under counter refrigerator and freezer


Remodeling a kitchen to contemporary style need a lot of money, but once it is carefully redesigned, you will be satisfied! Below are the tips to maximizing cost.

Modernizing Kitchen on Budget

There are many ways to maximizing your kitchen-remodeling plan based on your budget. One of them is that you can handle some of the remodeling project by yourself. But it is not recommended if you are busy or you are not usual with handy activities. For some people it is the best choice, not only for the sake of cutting down the cost, but also inner satisfaction.

The other choice is you can hire a professional kitchen design to make sure that your remodeling kitchen project will roll on arranged plan. The good thing is they can give you advice, or if your plan is still in abstract concept, they can help you to transform your concept into a real plan.

In sum, remodeling kitchen into more modern is one way to make your life easier. Kitchen is an integrated part of the home, remodeling your kitchen means making your home more comfortable to live within. Are there guidelines? Effective, functional, practice is the rule of contemporary kitchen design.

Gallery of Modern Kitchen Design Pictures

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