Some great ideas by combining modern bathroom with stylish library. Some people love doing something else besides bathe in the bathroom while enjoying long soaking in the hot tub. Some people enjoying music or calling friend having some talk. But what about enjoying long soaking with reading books? If you love reading book, you may have tried that or maybe you will. Read our favourite magazine, novels or else is somehow delightful and it also give us some relax. What you will find here is modern bathroom design, but with the ingenious ideas by combining it with stylish library. After bathe you can enjoy your soaking moment reading whatever books in ‘your bathroom library’. Green color of this bathroom interior is chosen to create calm and cozy atmosphere to the bathroom which would let you enjoy reading the books in comfort and cozy place. The bathtub, vanities, toilets and others are in white color which looks percect for combination of green color. Below are the photos of this modern bathroom with stylish library. Have a look and enjoy your reading! Photos by Duravit

Modern Bathroom With Stylish Library Photos

modern bathroom with stylish library

green moden bathroom interior

Reference: Decoestilo