The first example of a minimalist decoration is really to establish a connection between small details and little overload of elements within a space.

To do this we often take into consideration basic elements that we usually have at home occupying a place that is not appropriate or perhaps stored in a room where they do not fulfil any kind of function or are given the appropriate use.

We can also use reusable and even second-hand items that are in excellent condition and that can save us a lot of money as part of this fundamental principle of minimalism.

Basic, remove from our living room everything that we don’t use for a long period of time, if we don’t use it we don’t need it. If we are starting to decorate when we move house, we can make this selection before bringing any type of articles or furniture into the living room; on the other hand, if we are decorating when we are already living in our space, we will start to discard, give away or recycle the things that we have not used properly.

Now let’s start with five fundamental tips that will be of great help to start decorating a living room with a minimalist style.

Natural light in your Living Room

In case we don’t have a very spacious living room, an incredible method to give it that feeling of spaciousness that we are looking for in the minimalist style is to paint the walls in white so that it visually supplies what we want to obtain.

Use light colours in pastel tones.

An excellent option for the decorative theme is to use light colours in pastel tones. he ideal is that it is in small quantities because we do nothing with placing quite functional or quite small furniture and decorating it with lots of pieces on top, for example a minimalist sofa with more than 10 cushions, even if it is in pastel tones.

But if your thing is something much more classic, you can use the basic black and white that never lets us down.

Functional Furniture

An essential point that cannot be missed is the furniture, we always look for functional, light and above all versatile furniture that can be used for more than one purpose.
If you are a little more daring, you can use furniture built directly into the wall, which is extremely minimalist because it avoids overloading the space.

An example of a functional piece of furniture are those counters that turn into chairs, they are usually made to measure for many rooms and this is an excellent option, perhaps making furniture with disposable or reusable materials to the size of the space you have.

Use Organic Elements

Using organic elements such as wood is a fundamental tip for the minimalist style but this does not mean that it is going to be limited, you can also use glassware as well as marble.

Another incredible source for using glassware in a minimalist space is by somehow incorporating the living room you are thinking of decorating with another space, for example the kitchen by separating them with a glass window or a glass door but always giving that complete view of both spaces as if they were one but still divided. Thus being able to maintain the privacy of both areas to a certain degree. It can also be divided by a partition, but it does not necessarily have to be something fixed, it can be something mobile that can be used for certain occasions.

Less is More

Less is more is not just a saying, it is a fundamental principle of minimalism, what do we mean by this; small details can be the most significant when decorating a living room. You can place a plant in a corner that we might see empty, a plant with enough height that will attract attention but will not take up much space, the more stylized the plant is the less space it will take up, something simple but very significant, less is more.

Dare to decorate a living room or any area of our home with minimalist style will make us conceive a sense of freedom, spaciousness and extremely pleasant, this means that we can have a space very according to our needs with very few elements.