The Best Contemporary Furniture Designs of 2012


What were some of the best contemporary furniture designs of 2012? Some of the best examples of furniture design from 2012 include acrylic chairs, as well as modular sofas, and chairs that allow you to charge your iPad and other devices. Moreover, innovations were made in terms of shelf design, multimedia shelves, and even beds designed to be used in public places. What, then, are some of the most distinctive features of these furniture designs?

Acrylic Chairs

red Acrylic chair and table

These chairs combine minimalist designs with high quality materials – designed by John Housmand, acrylic chairs use clear acrylic and wooden frames, which has the effect of making legs and the seat seem virtually invisible.

Paper Furnishings

Paper Furnishings chairpicture via design milk

A specialist option for interior decoration, paper furnishings involve using recycled paper and marble to create hard wearing table lamps and other items; also one of the best eco friendly furniture ideas of the past year or so.

iRock Chairs

Ipad iRock Chairpicture via freshome

Ideal for anyone that’s always looking for somewhere to charge their gadgets, the iRock chair represents a comfortable rocking chair with its own charging point, which draws on solar energy and mains electricity.

Modular Sofas

Alphabet Modular Sofa picture via aparment therapy

One of the more significant design trends of the past year, with popular brands including Clouds, modular sofas are completely detachable, and are ideal if you want to rearrange your sofa suite around a room.

Modular Shelves

modular shelf  storagepicture via design buzz

Another modular design, these shelves can be easily installed and changed into different cubes, and can also be bought in parts and fitted together as blocks.

Chair with Magazine Rack

Chair with Magazine Rackpicture via freshome

Representing a low tech alternative to iPhone chargers, a chair with magazine rack is a simple but effective furniture design, with a rack installed in the back of a rocking chair – a good way of conserving space.

Paint Drip Table

Paint Drip Tablepicture via apartment therapy

A conceptual piece of furniture, a paint drip table is set up as a statement piece – the top of this table is all red, while the legs are shaped to resemble dripping paint – the legs can still support the table, and create an impressive visual illusion for your home.

House of Cards Tablepicture via design boom

If you want to create a more kitschy decor style in a part of your home, you can use this house of cards table – effectively it involves a glass coffee table that’s supported by a folded set of cards.


An unusual example of portable public furniture, the SleepBox is a cocoon shaped installation that is being promoted by designer Casper Lohner as a solution for quick naps in airports and offices; the SleepBox is designed to blend into its surrounding environment as much as possible.

Multimedia Shelves

A minimalist approach to storing your media can be achieved by using transparent, laser engraved acrylic shelves with LED lights that only come on when you activate items being stored on them.

Author Bio: Julian Priestley blogs frequently about the best and most unusual examples of furniture design from around the world. He’s recently been impressed by the designer furniture collections available from Camerich Contemporary Furniture.

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