Industrial Heating Solutions for Small or Large Spaces


Working out what heating solutions are best for small and large spaces means knowing which kinds of heaters are best for use on an industrial scale. What are the most fuel efficient options, and how can you make use of wall mounted and portable heaters in different circumstances? If you’re dealing with a large space like a warehouse or a garage, how do you heat it without spending a lot of money? Similarly, what types of space heaters are useful for smaller rooms, and what options do you have in terms of devices?

Industrial Heating Solutions for Small Spaces

Heating Small Spaces

For small areas, space heating can be an excellent approach to take – this involves using portable and wall mounted units that release heat to warm their immediate surroundings. There are several different kinds of space heaters that you can choose from, with one of the most notable being storage heaters – these charge themselves with electricity overnight, and then release energy during the day. One of the main advantages of having a storage heater in a small space is that they can be charged during off peak electricity hours, thus saving you money.

Other options for space heating include panel heaters, which are closer to radiators in terms of being wall mounted and capable of being switched on and off to heat a small area. You might also want to fit electric fan heaters around an office as a way of generating a short term amount of heat; these can be moved, and can be combined with base units that heat rooms from a discreet location. It’s worth looking at space heating ranges online at sites like Discount Electrical to see what prices and options are available for your business.

Industrial Heating Solutions for Small Spaces 2

Heating Large Spaces

For heating larger spaces like warehouses, you want to have a system and devices that will keep staff warm, while also maintaining an optimum temperature for stock or equipment. One way to go with large heaters is a cabinet heater, which tends to run on gas or oil; these can be used to release large amounts of heat into a space. Alternatively, you might want to use suspended condensing unit heaters, which can run on hot water, and can periodically release heat into the air.

Some other ways to heat large spaces include installing radiant tube heating above work stations – these will provide heating to a specific spot, meaning that you’re not wasting a lot of heat in parts of a warehouse or garage that don’t need it. Sensors can also be fitted to tubes and portable heaters that will detect when the right temperature has been reached, and will knock a power source off to save energy.

Whatever industrial heating solution you go for, it’s important to use heaters as safely as you can; this means not covering up heaters, and ensuring that you can identify mains switches to turn them off in an emergency. Hanging or wall mounted heaters should also be firmly secured in order to prevent accidents, and thermostats and sensors used to control temperatures and heating output from a remote distance.

Industrial Heating Solutions for Large Spaces

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