Break your traditional same colored walls with accent walls ideas. Accent wall can bring a new atmosphere and show your personality to your rooms. Although accent wall within a room is painting a wall in different colors or textures than the rest of the walls, the accent wall can bring together with the colors of your furnishing. One of the easiest and the less expensive ways is wall paint ideas. Here the 3 ideas of accent wall.

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1.      Choosing the Accent Wall

You can choose any room in your house to have an accent wall. But choose a wall which has an attractive focal point such as bed, a big window, TV, or fireplace would be the best wall to be chosen. Or you can choose a wall that is most noticeable for people while entering or sitting in your room instead, if you do not have any focal point in your room.fireplace accent wall with cushions

2.      Choosing the Accent Wall Color

The characteristic of accent wall is it should have a bright, dark, or bold colors. It is because the main point of accent wall color should be different than more eye-catching than the other walls. Choose the colors that can go well with your furniture. If you decide to refurnish, you will be more flexible to choose the colors scheme rather than when you are keeping your existing furniture. Use the pillows, fabrics, rugs, curtains, and decoration by coordinating them to help you get the most stand out accent wall.

A dark colors can make your room more intriguing.  Generally people avoid using dark colors, especially black color, because they think the dark colors is looked too severe. But do not feel worry, you can try to use dark color and see how stunning your wall will be, especially if you keep the rest of the room such as flooring, ceiling, and furniture light.

Metallic paint or faux paint finish can add more texture to your accent wall. There are several options to choose from. They are antique crackle, stencils, sponging, stone imitations, and Venetian plaster.

To make your accent wall stand out even more, you can paint the molding and trim a contrasting color around the accent wall to frame the wall once after you painting your accent wall.

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3.      Choosing the Surrounding Wall Color

Do not, even once, to go with a bright color for the rest of the walls when you have deal with a dark color for the accent wall. It causes the accent wall to get too much emphasis on it. And you can use medium color for the other walls. But if you have deal with a bold or bright color for your accent wall, a light to medium color will be a good choice for the rest of the walls.

Do not forget about your ceiling! You can color it as well. You may paint this ‘fifth wall’ the same colors as the surrounding walls. A shade or two lighter can be a good option as well. With the light color, the ceiling will look higher as oppose to the dark color. A dark color will make the ceiling look lower and make your room feel too closed in.

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A wall can change the look of a room. This is the magic of accent wall. Express your self through the accent wall but do not be careless, you still need to consider some things before you start to have an experiment with your wall. So, enjoy your accent wall experiments with the 3 ideas offered here.