27 Inspiring White Kitchen Design Ideas


White kitchen is a kind of kitchen decoration you can use to make your kitchen more stylists. Now it is more popular, like something that is coming back for past. You can find white kitchen in many Hollywood films such as Something’s Gotta Give and Sex and the City. You probably think that if you have white kitchen you will need a lot more cleaning. However, in fact, whatever the color of your kitchen, they will be cleaned in similar ways. In applying white kitchen, you can use thermo foil to reap the white cabinets without using paint. The benefit is it will create a durable look, different with a paint that is vulnerable to scratches and nicks.

The other advantage of white kitchen designs is the kitchen will be shinier. Light wall, white counter tops, white cabinetry in white kitchen will create an outdoor feeling inside. White materials in white kitchen will create more light that probably can reduce the usage of your lights and certainly will cut back on the electric bill. I think a white kitchen will create a clean feel, sense of openness and bright look, and you will find yourself feel comfortable in your kitchen.Take a loot at various white kitchen design ideas below, enjoy!

White kitchen design minimalist (via)

white minimalist kitchen design

white kitchen design minimalist

 Traditional white kitchen design

traditional white kitchen design

It’s not always boring to have traditional kitchen design. its an admiring kitchen with bright and clean white color. The airy white cabinets meets beautifully with the clean lines of flooring. (via)

Spacious and comfortable white kitchen (via)

Spacious and comfortable white kitchen

Functional white kitchen design (via)

functional white kitchen design

Modern and minimalist white kitchen design (via)


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